Will Culture Eat Performance Improvement for Breakfast?

Bernd Wanner
60-Minute Session

Will Culture Eat Performance Improvement for Breakfast? How to Measure and Ma

There is an endless history of of well-designed performance improvement and change processes that failed because they did not really take into account the full impact of something as intangible and fuzzy as corporate culture. What is needed is a pragmatic tool that makes it possible to identify and understand how an organization’s corporate culture is experienced today, what kind of culture is hoped for, and how this relates to what employees regard as their personal values set. This session will illustrate one proven approach to tackle this task using the Corporate Values Assessment by Richard Barrett. Examples will illustrate how measuring and building corporate culture was approached in national and multinational organizations, creating a sound basis for effective performance improvement processes.

More About This Speaker

Bernd Wanner started working on corporate culture as a change consultant 15 years ago. The Barrett Values Assessment has proved a valuable tool for dealing successfully with something as intangible yet relevant as corporate culture. A major part of his work is designing and implementing corporate change with the culture in mind. His activities range from strategy workshops with management boards to designing and (in part) delivering change communications and running transformational workshops with managers and their teams. His clients represent the banking and insurance industry as well as avionics, mechanical engineering, and medical supplies.

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