What Would You Do with $50 Million?

David Colvin, CPT
60-Minute Session

What Would You Do with $50 Million?

The administrative systems of government in Liberia function at an extremely low level. Financial and HR management, procurement, asset management, and the use of information technology are all struggling to support the delivery of services by government. You win a $50 million contract to “fix” things. What do you do?

More About This Speaker

David Colvin, CPT, is president and CEO of IBI, an international development consulting firm. He designs and manages international development projects in alignment with IBI’s emphasis on local solutions, the priorities of host country partners, and evolving approaches to development. He makes frequent presentations on performance improvement to share IBI’s experiences and lessons learned. He was a presenter at the 2015 ISPI Annual Conference and was a volunteer on the Organizing Committee for the 2016 Conference.

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