USAID Capacity Development in Northern and Central Africa

Joseph Rurangwa
60-Minute Session
with Thomas LeBlanc

USAID Capacity Development in Northern and Central Africa

Rwanda’s extraordinary recovery from complete political, economic, and social collapse after the 1994 genocide represents one of Africa’s most dramatic and encouraging success stories. For the attained results to be sustainable over the long-term, Rwanda’s local institutions need to be high-performing. This session will present the main achievements, challenges, and lessons learned as USAID, through this project, sought to institutionalize HPT approaches within Rwanda’s government, civil society, and private sector. The presentation will also focus on the experience of conducting a human and institutional capacity assessment of the Moroccan Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. In collaboration with the MOEVT and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, USAID conducted an in-depth analysis of the human and institutional capacity of the Ministry to determine if their current resources and approach are adequate to meet their Vision 2030 reform goals. The analysis examined the effectiveness of current initiatives to develop future solutions that improve the quality of the education system in Morocco. What is unique about this experience is that from the early stages of implementation, USAID/Morocco rallied all the international donors around the study, with the strategic goal to get the donor community to build on the results of the HICD to develop their future strategies and to develop a platform of collaboration that did not exist before.

More About This Speaker

Joseph Rurangwa is a governance specialist whose work and interests revolve around political reforms, performance improvement, and peace building. From 2006 to 2010, he worked for the Rwandan government, drafting new CSO laws and coordinating the implementation of Rwanda’s good governance program. In 2010, he joined USAID/Rwanda where he advises on governance trends in Rwanda, in addition to managing projects in the areas of governance and human and institutional capacity development.

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