Tying Leadership Capacities to Leadership Developmental Techniques

John Turner
60-Minute Session
with Karen Johnson, Jae Schroeder, and Chin-Hung Chung

Tying Leadership Capacities to Leadership Developmental Techniques

Leadership development programs need to be varied based on the organizational needs, level of complexity, and experiences of trainees. This session presents leadership capacities that have been identified in the literature (approximately 550) and ties these capacities with leadership development techniques (approximately 450). These capacities and developmental techniques are presented in a categorized matrix providing a tool for practitioners and managers to choose the best leadership developmental techniques based on the needs of their situation.

More About This Speaker

John R. Turner, PhD, is an assistant professor at the University of North Texas for the Department of Learning Technologies in the College of Information. His research interests are in teams, team cognition, knowledge management, performance improvement, leadership, theory building, multilevel models, and meta-analysis techniques. He has published articles in Advances in Developing Human Resources, Performance Improvement Quarterly, Performance Improvement, Journal of Knowledge Management, and International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, & Society.

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