Transformational Performance Improvement

Brian Jackson
60-Minute Session

Transformational Performance Improvement

This session will focus on taking transformational training to the next level by focusing on optimizing an employee’s on-the-job performance across his or her career in an efficient and cost-effective manner. By modernizing delivery methods, transitioning them from traditional training environments to mobile, multimedia, and multi-platform delivery solutions that leverage science and technology to accelerate the dissemination of critical knowledge. Participants will have access to an analysis tool that measures instruction, practice, and performance to achieve work performance proficiency.

More About This Speaker

Brian Jackson, PhD, is one of the Lead Tiger Team members overseeing two teams of ISDs, workforce analysts, and database analysts. A former ISD and dean of Education, he has the technical and theoretical knowledge in the development of performance-based training, having completed a similar project with a for-profit college, moving the instructional program to performance measures versus simply allowing students to regurgitate knowledge. He also has an MS in Education.

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