Training Validity and Reliability, Who Needs It?

Scott Casad, CPT
60-Minute Session
with Gordon Hood

Training Validity and Reliability, Who Needs It?

You need it! An immense amount of time and money goes into creating training. Don’t you want to know that your course is training what needs to be trained and is repeatable? The US Coast Guard Course Assessment Program (a prior ISPI Award of Excellence winner) assesses training validity and reliability. Come learn about the processes and procedures, and take home job aids to help drive your training program to greater success and impact.

More About This Speaker

Commander Scott Casad, CPT, serves as the chief of Training at US Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown. Previously, he led teams overseeing Coast Guard major acquisitions and mission support services as well as being an instructor and master training specialist. He holds a PhD in Organizational Learning and Development from Old Dominion University. He is a Certified Performance Technologist, the current ISPI President-Elect, and recipient of multiple ISPI Awards of Excellence.

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