The Profession of Selling: Is More or Less Process Needed?

Bob Britton
60-Minute Session

The Profession of Selling: Is More or Less Process Needed?

The profession of selling has become very process oriented. Why, then, is it still such a difficult field in which to be successful? In this session, we’ll examine some traditional paradigms held about sales and the sales L&D function, discuss why the paradigms need to change, and explore some solutions for improving the performance of a salesforce. Where the potential answers lie may surprise you. This session will be valuable to anyone in the sales leadership, sales enablement, and sales L&D functions.

More About This Speaker

Bob Britton holds an MBA and is the director of Sales L&D for Dell Services, responsible for improving top line performance of a multibillion dollar organization by changing behaviors of sellers. He previously developed and ran the product training group for a government contractor, designed and sold “smart” classrooms and boardrooms, and served as an avionics specialist, technical trainer, and lead recruiter for the US Navy. Sales enablement is his passion, of which he blogs regularly.

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