Swimming in Learning Data: Different Strokes

Zach Posner
60-Minute Session

Swimming in Learning Data: Different Strokes

“Data-driven learning” is a buzz phrase, but few know how to interpret learning data or translate it into actionable intelligence and demonstrable ROI. This session will be a hands-on workshop in which participants will analyze data from the perspective of learner, instructor, and author to develop a holistic, working familiarity of a data-driven learning ecosystem. The current potential of data-driven learning ecosystems, given the state of emerging technologies like adaptive learning, will be discussed.

More About This Speaker

Zach Posner (Senior Vice President at McGraw-Hill Education) is the Managing Director of the Learning Science Platforms team, working to license MHE’s adaptive learning platforms to corporations, publishers, and colleges globally. Posner joined MHE through the acquisition of Engrade, where he was the CEO and Co-Founder. Engrade is an instructional management platform that integrates systems, data, and tools into a single cloud-based platform that connects over 10 million administrators, teachers, students, and parents today.

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