Statistics, Not Sadistics: Understanding Statistics in Research

Dale Lunsford
60-Minute Session
with Hamett Brown

Statistics, Not Sadistics: Understanding Statistics in Research

When you think of scholarly papers, do you think of easy-to-read papers providing you with valuable insights for performing your job? No? Scholarly papers often rely on statistics to communicate information. The statistics can get in the way of understanding the papers. This session will provide you with a refresher on how to interpret statistics (no calculations necessary) so you may gain useful knowledge from scholarly research like articles in ISPI’s Performance Improvement Quarterly.

More About This Speaker

Dale L. Lunsford, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Capital Development at the University of Southern Mississippi. He teaches research methods and statistics to professionals pursuing graduate degrees in human capital development. He conducts and has published research using statistical analyses in a variety of scholarly and professional periodicals, and has delivered presentations at AITP chapters, national professional conferences, academic conferences, and universities.

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