ROI and Performance Improvement: An Unbeatable Team

Jack Phillips
60-Minute Session

ROI and Performance Improvement: An Unbeatable Team

Recent studies have shown that the use of return on investment (ROI) is growing. For example, Chief Learning Officer magazine reports that 71.2% of chief learning officers are either using ROI or planning to use ROI as a tool to show the value of learning. Studies from human resources, marketing, technology, and quality are showing similar trends. This session will show why ROI is becoming such an important issue and why performance improvement is the principal goal for most ROI projects.

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Jack Phillips is chairman of ROI Institute, the leading provider of services for measurement, evaluation, and analytics. Former learning and development manager, HR executive, and bank president, he provides consulting services for most of the Fortune 100 companies and conducts workshops worldwide. The developer of the ROI Methodology, he has authored or edited over 75 books. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, and on CNN.

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