Performance New Frontiers

Mariano Bernardez, CPT
60-Minute Session
with Roger Kaufman, CPT

Performance New Frontiers

In this session, experiences applying performance improvement new frameworks and methods for creating new organization and value chains, finding strategic clients, and measuring business and social ROI, which makes a powerful business case to investors and stakeholders, will be discussed. Participants will learn about leading cases in the US, EU, and Latin America and see how performance tools and frameworks can be used at the team, project, organization, and community level. Cases to be discussed: Chicago and Detroit (US), Arizona-Sonora region (US/Mexico), City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Colon City (Panama), and leading companies such as Whole Foods, TOMS shoes, and Uber.

More About This Speaker

Mariano Bernardez, CPT, is an international consultant and entrepreneur specializing in improving team, organizational, and societal performance through management development and collaborative technologies. Since 1980, he has started several companies in different industries, from IT to retail and hospitality, in Argentina, Mexico, the US, and Spain. He is a board member of several Fortune 500 companies and charities based in Chicago as well as multiple companies he started in the US and Sonora, Mexico. Since 2008, he has been an adviser to the Board of Yaqui Valley, a multi-industry ecosystem in the Arizona-Sonora corridor that exports to the US, EU, and East Asia.

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