Performance-based Training & Evaluation of Team Coordination Skills

Alan Martinez
60-Minute Session
with Thomas Bailey and Bryan Burkhalter

Performance-based Training & Evaluation of Team Coordination Skills

Flight crews possess both pilot flying duties and critical backup skills known as pilot monitoring duties. Although the captain is ultimately responsible, each crewmember must monitor the aircraft’s flight path and operating systems, while simultaneously cross-checking the actions of the other crewmembers. This is true in aviation and in other team-based occupations. This research-based session explores how task performance and backup skills are combined, ultimately creating team performances to increase safety or productivity.

More About This Speaker

Alan Martinez designs and develops performance interventions for USCG flight crews. He is a military veteran, and served as instructor/check pilot in the USMC and USCG. He holds a commercial pilot rating and Naval Postgraduate School aviation safety certificate. He worked as aviation safety manager for the USMC and USCG, and aviation training manager for Lockheed Martin and L3 Communications. His PhD research explored cognitive and psychosocial behaviors in multi-piloted cockpits.

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