Neuroscience and Learning: What the Research Says!

Will Thalheimer
60-Minute Session

Neuroscience and Learning: What the Research Says!

Neuroscience is hot, hot, hot! This is especially true in the learning field. Every conference, every trade association, and seemingly every vendor have put forth messages about the power of neuroscience and brain-based learning design. This session will separate truth from fiction–by looking at what neuroscientists say, by looking at the research, and by weighing the evidence on both sides of the debate. Get your brain straight on this very important topic!

More About This Speaker

Will Thalheimer has worked in the learning and performance field for 30 years, the last 18 doing research-based consulting on learning and performance. He is the author of Performance-Focused Smile Sheets. He is often invited to give keynote presentations at conferences in our field. He was recently invited to give a Master’s presentation and twice he has been asked to do “encore” presentations at the ISPI annual conference.

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