Measuring Behavior Change

Laura Paramoure
60-Minute Session

Measuring Behavior Change

The purpose of the session is to demonstrate the importance of identifying behaviors, quantifying behaviors, and conducting measurement of behaviors. This session provides knowledge on how to define the behavior, how to link the behavior to the job, how to measure the behavior, and how to identify changes to the associated metric. Following the model enables trainers to practice a powerful and practical way to unite the design of their programs to the business goals and metrics.

More About This Speaker

Laura Paramoure, EdD, has more than 25 years of academic and private sector experience in organizational development, performance improvement, and training design and delivery. She is the author of ROI by Design? (2014) and “Perceptions of Training and Non-Training Managers of Organizational Impact Measures Based on Design Intent.” She has been a featured speaker on the topic of return on investment for training at seminars and conferences for organizations such as ATD, Academy of Human Resource Development, and ISPI.

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