Leading Change through Foresight and Governance

Kristina Schneider
60-Minute Session

Leading Change through Foresight and Governance

The key to leading performance-enhancing change in organizations requires both foresight and governance. Foresight and anticipatory intelligence allow for the detection of impending change as well as an assessment of its impact on an organization or industry. A corporate governance strategy allows an organization to set its direction and strategy along the most beneficial path, ensuring that it has identified priorities, is motivating its people, and is catalyzing innovation to tackle change head-on.

More About This Speaker

Kristina Schneider is an aviation management professional, specializing in talent development and organizational learning strategies. She merges performance technology with knowledge, project, and operations management. As senior director of Operations and Learning Services at Aviation Strategies International, she has 15 years of experience developing programs for executives. She holds an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies, and a master’s degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management from McGill University.

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