HPT Practice in the Small Business Sector

Kenneth Roberts, CPT
60-Minute Session

HPT Practice in the Small Business Sector

Participants will learn about decision making, barriers, and enablers to effectively practice and implement PI/HPT in the SMB/SME environment. Attendees will receive best practice implementation guidelines, along with perspectives on incorporating other PI models intended to add value to proposed interventions. Knowledge and skills received will enhance implementation of HPT in an environment, which typically operates with restrained budgets, a different business model from larger organizations, and requires specialized rules of engagement.

More About This Speaker

Kenneth Roberts, CPT, PhD, worked for organizations like IBM, Xerox, and HP in various positions. While completing his PhD, he began working with SMBs and mid-sized organizations. He believes SMBs require customized performance models to improve performance. He utilizes HPT and non-HPT methodologies to help clients achieve results. He continues to present emerging yet comprehensive practices to improve performance in SMBs. His work focuses on eliminating fragmentation, generating operational proficiency, and driving employee job satisfaction.

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