HPT and the US-Canadian Maritime Collaborative Effort

Sean Murray
60-Minute Session
with Gregory Hersh

HPT and the US-Canadian Maritime Collaborative Effort

The US Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have developed an unprecedented bi-national partnership, extending reciprocal law enforcement authorities to officers of both organizations. With sovereignty concerns at stake, and variance between both agencies’ cultures (e.g., demographics, training styles, legal parameters), training and operational successes hinge on sound, agreed-upon HPT standards for performance. This presentation demonstrates how collaborative objective-building between entities (businesses, government agencies, or even nations) can force-multiply both programs’ desired results.

More About This Speaker

LCDR Sean Murray graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. He holds an MBA from Averett University and a master’s in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. He has been in the Coast Guard for 12 years and is currently the training officer at the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston, SC, where he manages 12 resident courses and a 125-member staff.

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