How The Big 5 Model Trumps EI

Atena Bishka
60-Minute Session

How The Big 5 Model Trumps EI

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a key phrase in leadership and management training. But how much does success in work and life depend on EI? Not much! Grounded in science, the Big 5 model predicts life success and work performance. It will be compared to EI, highlighting why EI is misleading and how the Big 5 can improve performance and enhance leadership, team building, and decision making.

More About This Speaker

Atena Bishka, MBA, MSc, CTDP, is an award-winning consultant, speaker, and author who specializes in learning design and evaluation of program impact on business goals and performance. She has published in the Journal of Education for Business, PI journal, and Canadian Learning Journal. She is a frequent conference presenter at ISPI, Canadian Society for Training and Development, and Conference Board of Canada. She served as guest editor of PI journal in 2015.

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