Getting Started with Agile

Bob Winter, CPT
60-Minute Session

Getting Started with Agile

Agile was invented by and for software makers. The Agile Manifesto and Principles mention “software” five times and all other forms of work output zero times. Non-software people are increasingly interested in the benefits of agile, such as adaptability to change and more consistent delivery of value to customers. But, how do you practice agile software development methods when you are not developing software? There is so much to consider, but how do you get started?

More About This Speaker

Bob Winter, CPT, is the product owner for the Enterprise Agility group at CA Technologies, a software company of 11,000 people. In addition to his experience as presenter at several ISPI and agile conferences, he is the author of Agile Performance Improvement: The New Synergy of Agile and Human Performance Technology, published in 2015. In recent years, he has focused on finding innovative ways to apply agile software development methods to non-software pursuits.

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