Gamification of Value Stream Mapping for Performance

Leanne Jensen
60-Minute Session

Gamification of Value Stream Mapping for Performance

Lean and performance improvement can be married to unlock unlimited performance potential. By using visual stream mapping techniques and partnering with others, performance gaps are identified and appropriate interventions selected to achieve improvements in flow, quality, stability, and morale. Come learn what visual value stream mapping is, how to apply it, and the benefits of keeping it in your performance tool box.

More About This Speaker

Leanne Jensen is a project manager for World-class Productivity & Quality at The Boeing Company. Her 15+ years with Lean/Six Sigma has helped her develop a team-based approach to PI. She has spoken at several conferences including ISPI, Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers, and Society of Women Engineers. She holds an MS in Instructional Design & Technology with a specialization in Training & PI and is currently pursuing her PhD in Performance Improvement.

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