Game Changing Strategies that Unleash Performance Improvement

Kery Mortenson, CPT
60-Minute Session
with John Lazar and Tim Gillum

Game Changing Strategies that Unleash Performance Improvement

If you could “change the game” for you and your organization, what might that look like? What might become available and possible? For HPT practitioners to be successful, consider that we must be able to identify and implement strategic game-changing interventions. Within this framework, participants will receive, discuss, and practice several tools. These tools challenge and shift our currently held assumptions about implementing HPT methodologies.

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Kery Mortenson, CPT, MS, is a highly skilled, creative learning leader with 25+ years in global health care organizations. He is passionate about setting people up for success with predictable performance solutions. His field of expertise centers on innovative performance consulting. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from North Dakota State University and a master’s degree in Clinical Microbiology from the University of North Dakota.

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