Fundamentals of Performance Improvement for Training Developers

Rose Noxon, CPT
60-Minute Session
with Darlene Van Tiem, CPT

Fundamental of Performance Improvement for Training Developers

The performance improvement (PI) model, the basis for Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: Optimizing Results through People, Process, and Organizations (3rd edition, 2012, Van Tiem, Moseley, and Dessinger), is designed to promote the science, art, and implementation of performance technology. PI practices draw from and can contribute to training development practices. This session introduces training professionals to the PI model and PI tools that can contribute to training analysis, delivery mode decisions, and products.

More About This Speaker

Rose Noxon, CPT, is CACI International’s senior training and education Aarchitect, with more than 30 years’ experience in performance improvement. In addition to CPT, she is PMP certified and has a master’s and PhD in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement from Capella University. She was the founder of the ISPI Capella chapter and is an active contributor on several ISPI committees. She has presented at past ISPI conferences and is currently an ISPI Board member.

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