Digital Screens: Choices and Decisions

Anne Niccoli, CPT
60-Minute Session

Digital Screens: Choices and Decisions

While navigating digital landscapes, the information blitz also confronts us with greater demands on choices, judgments, and decision making. Moreover, we expect that given access to knowledge, people will make rational choices and decisions. However, experiments and studies demonstrate that people are not predictably rational. By highlighting factors that influence judgment, attendees will be better prepared to make informed decisions to improve performance and results while using digital devices across domains.

More About This Speaker

Anne Niccoli, CPT, works at the US Coast Guard Leadership Development Center. As an instructional systems designer, she strives to create curriculum and training programs that cultivate leadership and critical thinking skills for Coast Guard personnel. She holds a Doctorate in Education and qualifications in Certified Performance Technologist, Instructional Systems Design, and Master Training Specialist. She has presented research studies at several educational and training conferences and has authored articles in education, training, and military publications.

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