Data: Fact or Fiction

Bonnie Beresford
60-Minute Session

Data: Fact or Fiction

There is much buzz around “big data.” Used well, data can offer powerful insights. Used hastily, or naively, it can be misinterpreted and lead to bad decisions. Rich with examples, this session helps attendees become better, and more critical, consumers of data. The session explores the “other factors” that influence performance outcomes: factors that must be considered when interpreting the data around the impact of HPT investments.

More About This Speaker

Bonnie Beresford is a human capital strategist and performance consultant with expertise in research, design, and evaluation of HPT initiatives, focusing on improving measurable business outcomes. Her work has earned ATD’s “Excellence in Practice Award” and three CLO “Business Impact” awards. She is the coauthor of Developing Human Capital: Using Analytics to Plan and Optimize Your Learning and Development Investments; earned a PhD in Human Capital Management; has been an ISPI presenter since 2003; and is a past ISPI Board member and past ISPI Michigan board member.

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