CPT Roundtable

Belia Nel

CPT Roundtable

In a changing “World of Work” it is important to stand out from the rest to show your competence and professionalism. Learn about the 10 International Standards for Performance Improvement in a practical way to achieve this prestigious CPT credential. This is an internationally recognized accreditation for performance professionals like you and offered by means of demonstrated proficiency in the 10 Standards for Performance Improvement as prescribed by ISPI. Upgrade to higher levels of professionalism and be recognized internationally as a competent Performance Improvement Specialist.

More About This Speaker

Belia Nel, CPT, is the founder of ImprovID Performance Consulting. In addition to longtime membership in ISPI, she is also the founding member and past president of ISPI in South Africa. She is a regular speaker at conferences, both internationally and locally. She received an ISPI International Leadership Award in 2005 and an ISPI Service Award in 2008.

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