Context-based Learning: When and Where It Is Needed

Barbara Bucklin
with Anna Conard

Context-based Learning: When and Where It Is Needed

Research proves the farther the learning environment is from job context, the more difficult it is to retain newly learned skills. Participants will explore how Ardent partnered with Nissan to bring training and coaching directly to 500+ dealerships, using the employees’ own tools, resources, and job environment.

More About This Speaker

Barbara Bucklin oversees Ardent’s staff of instructional designers and writers. She recommends learning and performance approaches aligned with clients’ business strategies. She has conducted performance needs analyses and solution evaluations for multiple clients and industries. She is the president elect for the OBM Network; she has taught university courses in human performance technology, the psychology of learning, and statistical methods. Her research has appeared in Performance Improvement Quarterly and the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management.

More About The Co-Presenter

Dr. Anna Conard received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Behavior Management from Western Michigan University in 2016. She completed her dissertation titled “Using Postfeedback Delays to Reduce Racing in Online Learning,” and has authored multiple peer-reviewed articles. She has taught and developed college courses in Introductory Psychology, Professional Development, and Research Methods. Within an applied setting, she has experience developing instructional materials for various industries, including education, manufacturing, automotive, and food processing. She is proficient in instructional design, training development, computer-based instruction, fluency training, performance management, and feedback.

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