Building an Organizational Strategy in 4 hours? Yes, really!


At Conference 2017, Kery Mortensen, CPT and Tim Gillum are going to help you learn a hands-on approach to leverage a creative blend of performance technology tools with the strategic needs of the organization. The innovative nature of this approach breathes new life into the tried and true standards for developing a robust strategy that is fast, focused, fun and sustainable.

The session simulates creating an organizational strategy for a sales and marketing organization at the ever-changing pace we work in.

We begin with the end in mind using a magic wand to establish the desired state. We then introduce the following predictive tools and methods to:

  • Interrogate reality by defining the official truth from ground truth
  • Identify and categorize causal factors using a rapid performance analysis
  • Target solutions that eliminate barriers using a “21 activity”
  • Predict strategic direction and actions using a modified SWOT analysis
  • Isolate key behaviors critical to fuel the desired results with impact
  • Assess the appetite for change with stakeholders using a simple culture pulse
  • Provide an executive summary with immediate next steps with assigned actions

Attend Kery and Tim’s 60-Minute Session, “Building an Organizational Strategy in Four Hours”, at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2017 in Montreal! Register now to save your seat.