Building an Organizational Strategy in Four Hours

Kery Mortenson, CPT
60-Minute Session
with Tim Gillum

Building an Organizational Strategy in Four Hours

This session will provide the hands-on approach to leverage a creative blend of performance technology tools with the strategic needs of the organization. The innovative nature of this approach breathes new life into the tried-and-true standards for developing a robust strategy that is fast, focused, fun, and sustainable. The workshop simulates creating an organizational strategy for an organization at the ever-changing pace we work in.

More About This Speaker

Kery Mortenson, CPT, MS, is a highly skilled, creative learning leader with 25+ years in global health care organizations. He is passionate about setting people up for success with predictable performance solutions. His field of expertise centers on innovative performance consulting. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from North Dakota State University and a master’s degree in Clinical Microbiology from the University of North Dakota.

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