Big Data: Hype, Promise, and PI Applications

Lisa Giacumo
60-Minute Session
with Steve Villachica

Big Data: Hype, Promise, and PI Applications

Cutting across traditional silos among PI, IT, and data science, big data analytics are a looming reality for PI practitioners. Targeted to beginners of big data and PI alike, this interactive session will share results of a systematic literature review and a job aid for applying big data. Participants will use a case study to determine organizational readiness and draft components of a proposal for using big data to close a performance gap.

More About This Speaker

Lisa A. Giacumo is an assistant professor of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning at Boise State University. Her research interests focus on the use of instructional design and digital tools for training and PI. She has worked as an instructional designer, trainer, and manager for businesses, universities, nonprofits, and NGOs. She is an ISPI member and has presented at AECT, LINGOs Global Learning Forum, and ISPI EMEA.

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