A Swift Kick in The Can’ts – the new Peer Mentor Model For Success Now

Elaina Zuker will demonstrate this dynamic process to accelerate success toward any goal. Peer Mentoring is a system in which two people agree to support each other based on complementary skills and needs, and the partners create a “Support for Success” contract to achieve real results in any category of Life (Career, Health, Personal).

Although in this session, we will show participants how to use this process to match up with a “support buddy” for the duration of the conference, we will model this process for future use as a learning tool for ongoing development in any topic.

The purpose of this process is to create a productively paired ‘buddy system’ to help both of you achieve your individual goals.

If you want to increase your productivity, enhance your earning power, achieve your goals, and reach more overall success in your life (whether measured in money, expertise, or relationships) this session is for you.

Join us for “A Swift Kick in The Can’ts” in Salon Drummond Monday morning (May 1) from 7:00 AM to 7:50 AM.