2017 Pre-Conference Workshops

As you make your plans for Montreal, please consider attending one of our comprehensive, popular pre-conference workshops. This year we are offering five sessions:

Principles + Practices of Performance Improvement Institute

Presenter: Valerie Bernard, PhD
The Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement Institute is a three-day program designed to introduce the fundamentals of human performance technology (HPT). Instructional strategies include workplace examples and collaborative analysis of case studies. Using tools and techniques recognized as best practices in the industry, this program provides knowledge and resources from veteran instructors and facilitators in the field.
Participants will be able to:

  • Define performance improvement.
  • Apply performance consulting skills to improve performance.
  • Apply the Total Performance System to identify performance issues.
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis to compare desired performance to actual performance to identify gaps.
  • Identify possible causes of performance gaps.
  • Prescribe appropriate interventions that could eliminate performance gaps.

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Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement Advanced Institute

Presenters: Roger Addison, CPT, EdD, and Klaus Wittkuhn
A laboratory is the place to experiment with new tools and techniques to learn how to use them effectively in your organization. Your participation in the three-day Principles and Practices Learning Lab will equip you to add value and make a difference in the business of your organization.

Come learn and apply a systematic approach to identify and analyze performance improvement opportunities that impact the bottom line. Try out innovative and flexible models, tools, and techniques as you generate solutions that will succeed. Build evaluative methods and sustainable implementation strategies to use immediately in your organization.

Since 1997, ISPI’s Institutes have included Principles & Practices. The Learning Lab format has distinguished this program and continues to evolve through ongoing innovative design and delivery. This hands-on experience, which has drawn positive and appreciative testimony from participants worldwide, uses case studies and real-world examples to immerse the learner in three days of diagnosis, development, implementation, and evaluation. With its reputation as the premiere program of its kind, the Principles & Practices Institute continues to support and guide practitioners at every level to build skills in performance improvement.

From the broad view of the Performance Technology Landscape to detailed explorations of the Worker, Work, and Workplace, you will come away with a solid foundation in the Principles & Practices of Performance Improvement.

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