A USAID Roadmap to Sustained Performance Improvement and Why It Works

Jeffrey Shahan, CPT
60-Minute Session
with Suzanne Bond Hinsz, CPT

A USAID Roadmap to Sustained Performance Improvement and Why It Works

This is your chance to receive a crash course on the latest research in organizational development. You will find out how small changes in your approach can lead to big impacts in your results, which is pretty great. To make it easy, this session will distill this research into “top tips” that you can integrate into your projects and practice. Additionally, you will hear about an approach to sustained performance improvement that has had proven results globally with all types of organizations: USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD). Find out about the methodology, receive a practitioner’s handbook, hear about the next generation of this approach, and walk away with the top tips to improving your practice.

More About This Speaker

Jeffrey Shahan, CPT, serves as adviser for USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) initiative. He has worked almost two decades for USAID in training and higher education, and institutional capacity development. Beginning in 2001, as an early HICD pioneer, he formulated and rolled-out HICD as a new USAID program initiative and technical framework. USAID established an official HICD Policy in 2009, based on best-practice implementation guidance initially written and issued by him. Today, he manages a cross-sector USAID program, called “HICDpro,” and supports other HICD initiatives worldwide. In April 2016, he was recognized by the ISPI president for his pioneering achievements in the establishment of USAID’s HICD framework and the program’s initiative, while presenting USAID with the prestigious Roger Kaufman Award given in recognition of the agency’s work on HICD leading to societal impact.

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