A Tale of Three Cities: Envisioning the Future

Nancy Burns, CPT
60-Minute Session
with Al Crain, CPT

A Tale of Three Cities: Envisioning the Future

In this session, participants will learn how a rural community engaged a county, three city governments, and local organizations to work collaboratively. The initiative is a collaborative effort to engage in community-building exercises as part of a comprehensive strategy to improve growth and development opportunities for citizens. Citizens participated in identification of community needs during 19 brainstorming sessions. Participants will learn how performance improvement principles were applied.

More About This Speaker

Nancy Crain Burns, CPT, PhD, MBA, PMP, CAEL, is the founder/president of Crain Burns Associates LLC. As a Certified Performance Technologist, she leads individuals, teams, and organizations through strategies, identifying opportunities that achieve effective solutions. She has presented at past ISPI conferences. Her dissertation research connected aspects of leadership, communication, and influence styles that enhance self-reflection and collaboration with others. She is chair of the steering committee for a rural community visioning implementation.

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