A Layperson’s Guide to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Patricia Radakovich, CPT
60-Minute Session

A Layperson’s Guide to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Systematic review and meta-analysis are complementary research techniques useful in synthesizing information across industries. When HPT researchers work in tandem with researchers in other fields such as organizational psychology and business, practitioners can offer new evidence-based solutions to performance issues that can help drive our field in a new direction.

More About This Speaker

Patricia Radakovich, CPT, CPLP, holds an MA in Performance Improvement and Instructional Design, an MBA, a BA in Anthropology/Archaeology, and a BBA. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Instructional Technologies and Performance Improvement. She has worked in the training and development and performance improvement fields for over a decade. Her professional interests include work culture and employee morale. She runs a performance consultancy in Trenton, MI.

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